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Contest Entry by Joe Cochran
In another project, I created a way to control a 8×8 RGB Matrix using an Atari Joystick. While waiting for one of the components to arrive, I had an idea that a maze could be constructed on the RGB Matrix and a user could go through the maze with a joystick.

Most maze algorithms assume that the maze can have “paper-thin” walls. That is, that the occupiable spaces don’t occupy the same amount of space as the walls. However, with the RGB Matrix the walls have to be represented by a whole LED being turned on. So in essence each LED is marked as a “wall” or as an “occupiable space”
Joe has created a page that contains the detailed instructions on how to create your own JoyLite Maze. I am posting the link to it, rather than recreating it all again.

JoyLite Maze “How To”.

Joe Says:Arduino has been a fantastic opportunity to for me rediscover the creative process. I became a software developer because I get a lot of satisfaction from turning an idea into reality. When you get down to it though, professional software development ends up being little more than manipulating some bits in databases and RAM. Nothing tangible. Arduino has allowed me to move beyond the “cyberspace” and into the “real world”, opening the door to physical computing with motors, switches, lights and dials. And while I may be short on knowledge in regards to the electrical and mechanical engineering aspects of these projects, the Arduino community is so healthy, friendly and capable that they help make learning this stuff a real treat too.

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