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The hull is 4 inches longer than Yellow Boat 1 the keel is fiberglass and epoxy as are the chines, everywhere else its hot glue. Much cleaner hull then the earlier boats but still a bit ugly.
These hulls are tough as, run them into rocks do what you like they just flex. I suppose they would fail at the seams when they do, that's why I glassed in the keel.The hull is all one piece of Coroplast split in the front sections and glued. I scored the folds with a ball point pen so they bend correctly, getting better with the material now.

The ride plate is glassed in on the inside so its really stiff, as the pump is all outboard I have recessed the transom to hide it away a bit. Its a big jet unit.

Room for 2 X 11.1V 2200mAh 20C batteries in parallel should deliver up to 80 + Amps
The cooling system is here

Turnigy 450 H2218 Brushless outrunner 2100KV with water cooling added, big bore pipes just because that the brass I had in stock. 

Model: 2218 
Turns: 6
Cells: 2~4S
Kv: 2100rpm/V
No load Current: 1.9A/10V
Max power: 500W
Weight: 67g
Shaft diameter: 3.17mm
Dimensions: 27.2 x 36.5mm
Recomended ESC: 2~4S/50A

Dragster exhausts :) for the cooling water I have fashioned a pump from some old junk which can bee seen here

Hobbyking SS Series 90-100A ESC with a water cooling plate added its an overrated ESC so should do the job easy. Will need a BEC I have a 5A in stock also.

Weight: 85g
Size: 70x50x13mm
Cells: 2-7S Li Po 
Max Current: 90A [over 70A use 6S only]
Burst : 100A

A real yellow boat

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