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Web Browser Pushes Arduino’s Limits

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arduino browser

Some projects that we build fulfill a genuine need for a new piece of hardware or software that will make life easier or fix a common problem. Other projects, on the other hand, we do just because it’s possible to do. [Gilchrist] has finished work on a project that fits squarely in the second category: a web browser that runs exclusively on an Arduino Uno with an ethernet shield.

The Arduino can serve plain-text web pages to an attached LCD and can follow hyperlinks. User input is handled by a small joystick, but the impressive part of the build is on the software side. The Arduino only has 2KB of RAM to handle web pages, and the required libraries take up 20KB of memory, leaving only about 12 KB for the HTML parser/renderer and the LCD renderer.

The Arduino browser is a work in progress, and [Gilchrist] mentions that goals for the project include more robustness to handle poor HTML (the Hackaday retro edition loads flawlessly though), a terminal, and WiFi capabilities. To that end, maybe a good solution would be using the new ESP8266 chip to keep things small and inexpensive?

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Monitoring and visualising dual temperature and humidity sensor

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We recently featured Plotly and discovered how easy it is to analyse and beautifully visualize  data using their platform and API.

Now they shared with us a simple instructable to show to Arduino Community a hands-on experiment with ambient sensors:

The purpose of this instructable is to demonstrate how to hook up an Arduino + Ethernet Shield  and send data to’s Servers and create beautiful graphs. We will be using a dual temperature+humidity sensor (DHT22), and sending the results directly to Plotly.

Follow these easy steps, here’s what you’ll need:


And this is an example of the output:




An interactive Twitter clock with a vintage twist

arduino, arduino uno, ethernet, Ethernet shield, servos, shield, twitter, Vintage Cuckoo Clock Commenti disabilitati su An interactive Twitter clock with a vintage twist 


Johannes Hoffmann is an interaction and graphic designer sharing with us his  hand-made Tweety Clock. It’s a vintage but interactive Twitter clock , built with Arduino and Ethernet Shield, and featured with the original ‘cuckooo’ sound and a little printer for the output.

Arduino is checking if there are new tweets from a specific Twitter-Account. If so, the “bird servo” starts to rotate and the bird-door opens. Then the two “sound servos” brings the Cuckoo Clock flutes to sing and the bird nod with his head. Simultaneously, the thermo printer prints all new tweets.



Click and take a look at his website, with many other pics and list of components.


A different type of Arduino Internet shield

arduino hacks, Ethernet shield, internet hacks, shield, TL-WR703N, tp-link, wifi shield Commenti disabilitati su A different type of Arduino Internet shield 


The cost of an Ethernet shield for an Arduino isn’t horrible; generally between $17 and $32 depending on which one you buy. But have you seen the cost of a WiFi shield? Those are running North of $70! [Martin Melchior] has a solution that provides your choice of Ethernet or WiFi at a low-cost and it’ll work for most applications. He’s using a WiFi router as an Arduino Internet shield.

This is the TP-Link WR703N which has been very popular with hackers because of its combination of low price (easy to find at $25 or less) and many features: the USB is super hand and, well, it’s a WiFi router! The Arduino Pro Mini shown dead-bug style is talking to the router using its serial port. [Martin] wires a pin socket to the router, which makes the rest of assembly as easy as plugging the two together. The rest of his post deals with handling bi-directional communications with Arduino code.

If you really just need that direct Ethernet pipe consider building an ENC28J60 chip into your designs.

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Arduino/Android Wireless Robot

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Another Robot, another App(lication) of Arduino. The user [shreks7] built up an Android App for controlling the robot wirelessly and stream live video off an android phone placed on the robot.

The robot has an inbuilt wireless router and two brush-less DC motors and runs on a power source of 26-30V(depends on the requirement) power supply.

The robot streams live video back to the app and can be used for navigation.
Also there is a console for Windows to control the robot and debug it .

It uses Arduino Mega 1280 + Ethernet Shield + Pololu Motor Driver (It is by far the best one i have used) + Belkin Router & Two Android Devices .

There is also a [video] where you can see the robot in action.

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