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New Project: Bricktronics Mini Tank

arduino, bricktronics, Lego Mindstorms EV3, mindstorms, Robotics, wayne and layne Commenti disabilitati su New Project: Bricktronics Mini Tank 

IMG_8868Build this simple rolling Mini Tank to learn how to combine Arduino microcontrollers with Lego Mindstorms robotics.

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The Lego Standard: Combining Building Sets to Make Better Projects

arduino, bricktronics, LEGO, Makeblock, mindstorms, Robotics Commenti disabilitati su The Lego Standard: Combining Building Sets to Make Better Projects 

photoThe popularity of Lego has spawned a flood of third-party products that tie into the Lego ecosystem. The latest is Technic-compatible Makeblock beams.

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LegoDuino for kid-friendly microcontrollers

arduino, arduino hacks, LEGO, mindstorms, toy hacks Commenti disabilitati su LegoDuino for kid-friendly microcontrollers 


[J. Benschop] is teaching his nine-year-old son electronics by giving him a few wires, LEDs, and batteries. Eventually, the son looked over at his dad’s workbench and wondered what the little bug-shaped rectangles did. Microcontrollers and embedded programming are just a bit too advanced for someone who hasn’t hit a double-digit age, but [J] figured he could still have his son experience the awesomeness of programming electronics by building a custom electronic Lego microcontroller system.

This isn’t as complex as a Lego Mindstorms system. Really, it’s only an ATMega and a 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver. Still, that’s more than enough to add a few sensors and motor drivers, and an awesome introduction to electronics development.┬áThe enclosure for the LegoDuino is, of course, compatible with every Lego brick on the planet. It’s made from a 6×16 plate, three blocks high, with enough room for the electronics, three AA batteries, and the IO headers.

Programming an ATMega, even with the Arduino IDE, is a little beyond the capacity of [J. Benschop]‘s nine-year-old son, so he made a few changes to the Minibloq┬áprogramming environment to support the newly created LegoDuino. It’s a graphical programming language that kids of just about any age can pick up quickly, and with the included RF transceiver inside the ‘Duino, it can even be programmed wirelessly.

It’s an amazing piece of work, and much, much simpler than even the noob-friendly Lego Mindstorms. Not as powerful, though, but when you’re just teaching programming and electronics, you really don’t need much.


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The Monday Jolt: Bricktronics Expands the Possibilities of Lego

arduino, Electronics, Fun & Games, LEGO, Microcontroller, mindstorms, The Monday Jolt Commenti disabilitati su The Monday Jolt: Bricktronics Expands the Possibilities of Lego 

Step45The Monday Jolt is a new column about microcontrollers and electronics that appears in MAKE every Monday morning. Lego Mindstorms NXT is a fantastic educational robotics set that teaches kids and adults skills ranging from engineering to programming. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be cool to enhance those Lego robots with Arduino [...]

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