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Giant Fog-Breathing Robotic Crow Shoots Lasers

arduino, Art, Art & Design, crow, Electronics, kinetic, LED, motor, Robot, robotic, Robotics, sculpture, servo, stepper motors Commenti disabilitati su Giant Fog-Breathing Robotic Crow Shoots Lasers 

crow-featureArtist David Cranmer's "Stakcgrox" is a 3.5 meter tall robotic crow with a rotating head and glowing eyes that shoot lasers.

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Fifty speakers for an interactive sound sculpture

arduino, audio, Exhibition, Featured, interactive, max, Max For Live, sculpture, ultrasonic sensors Commenti disabilitati su Fifty speakers for an interactive sound sculpture 


Hive (2.0) is the second iteration of an interactive sound sculpture consisting of fifty speakers and seven audio channels. The sensors detect the proximity of people and Arduino manipulates audio according to it.


It was created by Hopkins Duffield, a Toronto-based collaborative duo exploring ways to combine both new and familiar mediums with artistically technological practices. In this work they used Arduino Uno together with Max 6 / Max For Live.
Check the video to listen to the sculpture:

twitr_janus2Twitr_janus is a live physical avatar — a puppet that can be controlled remotely through Google Drive, Twitter, and Skype. Inside: an Arduino and webcam. Outside: hot glue face (shaped with a silicone latex mold) and paper mache skull (shaped over carved polystyrene).

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