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The Arduino YúnOver the last few months there have been a sudden rush of new micro-controller boards onto the market. A lot of that is down to Kickstarter and the appearance of a number slightly tweaked Arduino clones. A lot of them feature some sort of mesh networking, or other wireless capability. Here's ten new boards that have just arrived, or are coming to market real soon, that you should maybe think about for your next project.

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Arduino Helper Functions

arduino, code, Coding, EEPROM, monday jolt, wifi Commenti disabilitati su Arduino Helper Functions 

Sometimes finding the right snippet of code to use in your Arduino sketch is as simple as reading the Monday Jolt on the MAKE site.

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Designing a Window Manager for a Micro-Controller

arduino, AVR, code, Computers & Mobile, Electronics, gui, monday jolt, The Monday Jolt, VGA, Window Manager Commenti disabilitati su Designing a Window Manager for a Micro-Controller 

Close-up of the Default ConfigurationAndrew Rossignol decided to implement a window manager to run on an ATmega1284p micro-controller using the uVGA-II VGA controller.

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