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[Sergey Mironov] sent in his SelfieBot project. His company, Endurance Robots, sells a commercial version of the bot, which leads us to believe that in a strange and maybe brilliant move he decided to just sell the prototype stage of the product development as a kit. Since he also gave away the firmware, STLs, BOM, and made a guide so anyone can build it, we’re not complaining.

The bot is simple enough. Nicely housed hobby servos in a 3D printed case take care of the pan and tilt of the camera. The base of the bot encloses the electronics, which are an Arduino nano, a Bluetooth module, and the support electronics for power and motor driving.

To perform the face tracking, the build assumes you have a second phone. This is silly, but isn’t so unreasonable. Most people who’ve had a smart phone for a few years have a spare one living in a drawer as back-up. One phone runs the face tracking software and points the bot, via Bluetooth, towards the user. The other phone records the video.

The bot is pretty jumpy in the example video, but this can be taken care of with better motors. For a proof-of-concept, it works. A video of it in action after the break.

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Creare un blog in pochi minuti con Rails, Git e Heroku

blog, deploy, git, heroku, Programmazione, rails, RoR, Ruby on Rails Commenti disabilitati su Creare un blog in pochi minuti con Rails, Git e Heroku 

In questo post vi spiegherò come creare un semplice blog con Ruby on Rails, come tracciare ogni cambiamento con Git e come pubblicarlo da qualche parte per renderlo pubblico, io ho scelto Heroku. Se avete avuto a che fare in passato con questi strumenti o avete qualche nozione di Rails e Git allora andiamo avanti [...]

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