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Embroidered Nyan Cat Brings a Meme to the Real World

adafruit, arduino, arduino hacks, audio, audiofx, cat, embroidery, Github, LED, meme, nyan, nyan cat, Sewing Commenti disabilitati su Embroidered Nyan Cat Brings a Meme to the Real World 

Have you ever come across an Internet meme and just thought to yourself, “I have to bring this into the physical world!” Well [0xb3nn] and [Knit Knit] did. They decided to take the classic nyan cat meme and bring it to life.

The frame is 24″ x 36″. Many hours went into the knitting process, but the result obviously turned out very well. The stars include 24 LED sequins to add a sparkling animation effect. These were sewn onto the back of the work using conductive thread. They are bright enough to shine through to the front where needed. These connect back to an Arduino Pro Mini 5V board.

The Arduino is also connected to a capacitive touch sensor. This allows the user to simply place their hand over the nyan cat image to start the animation. No need for physical buttons or switches to take away from the visual design. An Adafruit AudioFX sound board was used to play back a saved nyan cat theme song over a couple of speakers. The source code for this project is available on github. Be sure to watch the demo video below.

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12 Tools We Can’t Live Without for Making Wearables

arduino, Art & Design, sensors, Sewing, Wearables Commenti disabilitati su 12 Tools We Can’t Live Without for Making Wearables 

Monarch_4At the Social Body Lab we’re always on the hunt for the best tools for prototyping wearable electronics projects. Here are some of our favorites from 2014. LilyTiny + LED Strings A great shortcut for those who want some dynamic light patterns but don’t want to fuss with programming, Sparkfun’s LilyTiny board […]

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3d_printing_cyberpunk-spikes-gemma-adafruit-hairflip3D-print these soft, flexible spikes and light them up with full-color programmable LEDs

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e-traces-shoes-2See the big picture when it comes to dance moves with an ingenious piece of wearable electronics by designer Lesia Trubat González called E-Traces.

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Ode to the Gameboy: 10 Projects Based on the Iconic Portable Nintendo

arduino, Computers & Mobile, Fun & Games, gameboy, General, Raspberry Pi, Sewing Commenti disabilitati su Ode to the Gameboy: 10 Projects Based on the Iconic Portable Nintendo 

Print your Gameboy case in whatever color you like.Photo by Noe Ruiz CC BY-SA 3.0.When the Nintendo Gameboy was first released in 1989, it was a tremendous commercial success. Gameboy developed a following among gamers that is in many ways still alive to this day. Here are 10 awesome projects inspired by the venerable Gameboy. Some merge the latest maker electronics with late-80s Gameboy […]

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Wearables at Camp Galileo with Arduino Woman

arduino, Art & Design, Electronics, General, Sewing, Wearables Commenti disabilitati su Wearables at Camp Galileo with Arduino Woman 

wearablesHello World!  My name is Tenaya Hurst and I teach at Camp Galileo – The Tech Summer Camps at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.  My class is titled Wearable Technology (and I get to teach Circuits & Electronics and Maker Studio).  Students know very little about the […]

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10 Fabulous and Fashionable Wearable Projects from Becky Stern

adafruit, arduino, becky stern, FLORA, GEMMA, Sewing, wearable electronics, Wearables Commenti disabilitati su 10 Fabulous and Fashionable Wearable Projects from Becky Stern 

10-wearablesBecky Stern, director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries, shares ten fabulous and fashionable projects you can try yourself.

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An Interview With Becky Stern About Wearable Electronics

arduino, Craft, Electronics, Makers, Sewing, Wearables Commenti disabilitati su An Interview With Becky Stern About Wearable Electronics 

becky-featThe illustrious Becky Stern has joined us for an interview about wearable electronics. As you know, Becky lives and breathes wearables so she has some incredible insight.  If you’d like to find more of Becky, you should probably tune into her weekly show about wearable electronics! If you don’t want […]

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Glo-Mo: Designing a High Tech Dance

arduino, Art & Design, dance, Electronics, LED, Sewing, st louis Commenti disabilitati su Glo-Mo: Designing a High Tech Dance 

14219044266_44c0757587_b“To me, the lights were artwork of themselves. There were the dancers dancing under art, with art on their bodies, so it just brought the whole picture together,” said Danielle Sampson, a dance teacher at Grand Center Arts Academy. I attend Grand Center Arts Academy, a school for the fine […]

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C_Bag-1Make an interactive messenger bag that reacts to your RFID-tagged objects with full-color LED animations. It will remind you that your keys or wallet are missing, play custom graphics, or just match your outfit! A great wearable electronics project from MAKE Volume 37.

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