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New Project: Make an EEG Beanie That Reads Your Mind

arduino, Craft, eeg, Electronics, make43, science, Wearables Commenti disabilitati su New Project: Make an EEG Beanie That Reads Your Mind 

Io Flament_2     Time required: A weekend Cost: $100 — $130 Ever wanted to visualize your brain activity? Electroencephalography (EEG) uses electrodes placed against the scalp to detect the tiny electrical changes that occur when neurons fire. By amplifying these signals through a computer, you can observe brain activity in real-time. Using an […]

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circular-knitic-1Artist duo Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet designed and built an open hardware automated knitting machine called Circular Knitic.

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10 Perfect DIY Projects for Makers Who Love Their Pets

arduino, Craft, Electronics, General, Raspberry Pi Commenti disabilitati su 10 Perfect DIY Projects for Makers Who Love Their Pets 

Dean Segovis’ Fetch-O-Matic is an automatic tennis ball launcher the gives dogs a workout while having fun. The secret to the launcher is the windshield wiper motor housed inside. When a ball is dropped inside the holder, it sends some power to the motor, which in turn transfers the energy to the spring-loaded throw arm and launches the ball. Those savvy enough can train their dogs to use it by themselves whenever they want to have fun.  Pets are people too. If corporations can be labeled as people then why can’t our pets? Regardless, when it comes to our pets, we often spoil them with lavish gifts to show our affections. Makers on the other hand tend to build projects that help with everything from feeding […]

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How-To: Hocus Pocus Book Replica

arduino, Art & Design, Craft, Electronics, eyeball, halloween props, Hocus Pocus, replica, servo Commenti disabilitati su How-To: Hocus Pocus Book Replica 

IMG00924-20110804-1016Remember the spell book from Hocus Pocus with the creepy moving eyeball? Since it is the season of Halloween-movie-replica-prop-making, I’ve found a great DIY tutorial that covers the steps required to make a pretty accurate copy! This tutorial doesn’t include how to make the eyeball actually move, but I would […]

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An Interview With Becky Stern About Wearable Electronics

arduino, Craft, Electronics, Makers, Sewing, Wearables Commenti disabilitati su An Interview With Becky Stern About Wearable Electronics 

becky-featThe illustrious Becky Stern has joined us for an interview about wearable electronics. As you know, Becky lives and breathes wearables so she has some incredible insight.  If you’d like to find more of Becky, you should probably tune into her weekly show about wearable electronics! If you don’t want […]

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C_Bag-1Make an interactive messenger bag that reacts to your RFID-tagged objects with full-color LED animations. It will remind you that your keys or wallet are missing, play custom graphics, or just match your outfit! A great wearable electronics project from MAKE Volume 37.

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Bringing a Classic Marklin Z-Scale Model Railroad to Life With Arduino

arduino, Craft, model railroad, Woodworking Commenti disabilitati su Bringing a Classic Marklin Z-Scale Model Railroad to Life With Arduino 

Front_049"I have this train I bought in Germany," said Lynn, who approached me at a train show, "and I'm looking for someone to build a railroad for me."

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