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While those of us stuck sailing desks might not be able to truly appreciate the problem, [Timo Birnschein] was tired of finding that some of the batteries aboard his boat had gone flat. He wanted some way to check the voltage on all of the the batteries in the system simultaneously and display the information in a central location, and not liking anything on the commercial market he decided to build it himself.

Even for those who don’t hear the call of the sea, this is a potentially useful project. Any system that has multiple batteries could benefit from a central monitor that can show you voltages at a glance, but [Timo] is actually going one better than that. With the addition of a nRF24 module, the battery monitor will also be able to wireless transmit the status of the batteries to…something. He actually hasn’t implemented that feature yet, but some way of getting the data into the computer so it can be graphed over time seems like a natural application.

The bill of materials is pretty short on this one. Beyond the aforementioned nRF24 module, the current version of the monitor features an Arduino Nano clone, a 128×160 SPI TFT display, and a handful of passives.

Knowing that a perfboard wouldn’t last long on the high seas, [Timo] even routed his own PCB for this project. We suspect there’s some kind of watertight enclosure in this board’s future, but it looks like things are still in the early phases. It will be interesting to follow along with this one and see how it eventually gets integrated in to the boat’s electrical system.

If you’re looking for a way to keep an eye on the voltages aboard your land ship, this battery monitor disguised as an automotive relay is still the high-water mark in our book.


Marinize an aero ESC with a TicTac box some epoxy Aluminium tube and hot glue

catamaran, esc, jet drive, marine, scratch build, tunnel hull Commenti disabilitati su Marinize an aero ESC with a TicTac box some epoxy Aluminium tube and hot glue 

Marinize an aero ESC with a TicTac box some epoxy Aluminium tube and hot glue

Hobbyking SS Series 60-70A ESC

The Hobbyking SS series comes with a limited range of programming functions and are designed to be plug-n-play.
A perfect ESC for those looking for something simple to use and economic.

Weight: 63g
Size: 55x35x8mm
Cells: 12-24Ni MH ~ 4-8S Li Po
Max Current: 60A
Burst : 70A
Timing: 1/7/15/30 programmable
PWM: 8/16K
Constant current 60A Max 70A
Li-Poly 4-8 cells
Low Resistant 0.0017 Ohms;
Dynamic Braking
BEC: opto
Auto shut down when lose signal
Slow down at 3.0V per cell Lipo, Cut-off at 2.9V per cell Lipo 0.8V NiMh
User Programming options.Battery setting
Throttle Range
Brake setting 4 options: Direction and Cutoff Type
Timing Mode Setting: 1 / 7 / 15 / 30
PWM setting: 8K/16K

Marinize an aero ESC with a TicTac box some epoxy Aluminium tube and hot glue. A nice water tank directly on the heatsink over the FET's lots of volume flow seems more than adequate  Its epoxied on with hot glue over that to seal any holes.

My plan is to use this ESC on theis motor

It don't have much specification on HK's site but my understanding is it a 
2185KV 28mm diameter ,33mm length with a 3.17mm shaft weight 230g  I got the 32 mm prop too.

Looks like a nice quality device seems to have great reviews on HK's site

 Its air tight and if it get hot enough to melt the hot glue its probably toast in any case


Electric Outboard

arduino, Electric Outboard, marine, outboard Commenti disabilitati su Electric Outboard 

How about this with an Arduino thrown in as and ECU should be able to deliver around 3.5 HP on 24 Volts.  Two 75 Ah batteries should give around 20-30 minutes range at full throttle, much more at lower speeds.

Some belts and pulleys 

Batteries 2 off 

Turnigy AquaStar T20 3T 730KV/1280KV Water Cooled Brushless Motor

Features:• Dual Configuration Allowing for 730KV or 1280KV Operation          
• CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum Motor Can   
• High Purity Copper Windings    
• Powerful Sintered Neodymium Magnet     
• Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion
• Water Cooling Jacket Pre-installed
RPM/v: 730kv @ "Y" config. / 1280kv @ "Δ" config.
Max voltage: 41V (11S)
Max Current: 128A @ "Y" 730kv / 229A @ "Δ" 1280kvMax Watts: 5280w
Resistance: 0.0132ohm @ "Y" 730kv / 0.0046 @ "Δ" 1280kv
No Load Current: 3.2A @ "Y" 730kv / 4.2 @ "Δ" 1280kv
Can Diameter: 56mm (actual motor diameter) Can Diameter inc. Water Jacket: 63mm
Length: 102mm
Shaft Size: 8mmWeight: 971g

Turnigy Marine 180A Brushless Boat ESC

Programmable settings;
Low Voltage (none/2.8v/3v/3.2v/3.4v)
Brake: (none/soft/hard)
Timing (0.00/3.75/7.50/11.25/15.00/18.75/22.50/26.25)

Constant Current: 180A
Burst Current: 360A
Resistance: .0007ohm
Battery: 2-6S Lipoly
BEC: 5.8v/ 3AMotor Type: Sensorless BrushlessSize: 72 x 68 x 34mmWeight: 165g

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