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[Markus Gritsch] and his son had a fun Sunday putting together a little toy airboat from a kit. They fired it up and it occurred to [Markus] that it was pretty lame. It went forward and sometimes sideward when a stray current influenced its trajectory, but it had no will of its own.

The boat was extracted from water before it could wander off and find itself lost forever. [Markus] did a mental inventory of his hacker bench and decided this was a quickly rectified design shortcoming. He applied a cheap knock-off arduino, equally cheap nRF24L01+ chip of dubious parentage, and their equivalent hobby servo to the problem.

Some quick coding later, assisted by prior work from other RC enthusiasts, the little boat was significantly upgraded. Now the boat could be brought back to shore using any R/C controller that supported the, “Bayang,” protocol. He wouldn’t have to face the future in which he’d have to explain to his son that the boat, like treacherous helium balloons, was just gone. Video after the break.

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Bluetooth Enabled Fuel Consumption Monitor

arduino, arduino hacks, bluetooth, boat, Electronics, flow, fuel, Microstream, monitor, OF05ZAT Commenti disabilitati su Bluetooth Enabled Fuel Consumption Monitor 

[Malebuffy] bought himself a used boat last year. Fuel isn’t exactly cheap where he lives, so he wanted a way to monitor his fuel consumption. He originally looked into purchasing a Flowscan off the shelf, but they were just too expensive. In the interest of saving money, [Malebuffy] decided to build his own version of the product instead.

To begin, [Malebuffy] knew he would need a way to display the fuel data once it was collected. His boat’s console didn’t have much room though, and cutting holes into his recently purchased boat didn’t sound like the best idea. He decided he could just use his smart phone to display the data instead. With that in mind, [Malebuffy] decided to use Bluetooth to transmit the data from the fuel sensors to his smart phone.

The system uses an older Arduino for the brain. The Arduino gets the fuel consumption readings from a Microstream OF05ZAT fuel flow sensor. The Arduino processes the data and then transmits it to a smart phone via a Bluetooth module. The whole circuit is powered from the boat battery using a DC adapter. The electronics are protected inside of a waterproof case.

[Malebuffy’s] custom Android apps are available for download from his website. He’s also made the Arduino code available in case any one wants to copy his design.

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Transatlantic Drone Takes to the Sea

arduino, boat, Dan Flanigan, drone, Dylan Rodriguez, Robotics, science, transatlantic, unmanned Commenti disabilitati su Transatlantic Drone Takes to the Sea 

The Scout Transatlantic project has broken the world record for the furthest distance traveled by an autonomous unmanned boat, and it is just getting started.

Read more on MAKE


Nice Project twin jet. still progressing. a test run video to come in spring

boat, jet ski, project, twin jet Commenti disabilitati su Nice Project twin jet. still progressing. a test run video to come in spring 


Buttercup New Screen day 2 Lexan sheets fitted

boat, fiberglass, lexan, polycarbonate, wheel house Commenti disabilitati su Buttercup New Screen day 2 Lexan sheets fitted 

Day one's Efforts

Day 2 Lexan sheets fitted 

Rake looks right in profile we think

Goldilox Farline Vixen built 1975 photo 1994 Bridlington harbour. Our last effort constructing a wheel house

Looks like a lot more space still need to construct the goal post for the rear

I have a cunning plan for the front corner pillars, involving fiber glass tape grease proof paper fiber filler and bits of wood and Coroplast

Should make her much more usable

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