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If you’re waiting for a much sought-after letter, checking your mailbox every five minutes can be a roller-coaster of emotion — not to mention time-consuming. If you fall into this trap, user [CuriosityGym] as whipped up a mailbox that will send off an email once the snail-mail arrives.

The project uses an Arduino Uno, an ESP 8266 wifi module, and an idIoTware shield board — making specific use of its RGB LED and light dependent resistor(LDR). Configuring the RGB LED on the idIoTware board to a steady white light sets the baseline for the LDR, and when a letter is dropped in the box, the change in brightness is registered by the LDR, triggering the Arduino to send off the email.

idIoTware Mailbox DemoThey used a service called IFTTT — If This Then That — to set up the email process, but feel free to use whatever is most comfortable for you. Be sure to insulate your board properly if you have a metal mailbox! Or, forego the standard letter receptacle and build the smartest mailbox you may ever see.

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Apple Mail – Organizzare i Feed RSS in cartelle

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Finalmente dopo non so quanto tempo ho deciso di riorganizzare i miei Feed RSS, che al momento erano buttati a casaccio in Mail. Ho provato a cliccare qua e là ma alla fine mi è toccto cercare in Google e l’ho trovato. In Leopard (10.5) possiamo organizzare i nostri Feed in cartelle come nella sezione [...]

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