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3d_printing_cyberpunk-spikes-gemma-adafruit-hairflip3D-print these soft, flexible spikes and light them up with full-color programmable LEDs

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e-traces-shoes-2See the big picture when it comes to dance moves with an ingenious piece of wearable electronics by designer Lesia Trubat González called E-Traces.

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watch2-featJohn Wall, 16, built a smart watch instead of taking driver's ed.

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10 Fabulous and Fashionable Wearable Projects from Becky Stern

adafruit, arduino, becky stern, FLORA, GEMMA, Sewing, wearable electronics, Wearables Commenti disabilitati su 10 Fabulous and Fashionable Wearable Projects from Becky Stern 

10-wearablesBecky Stern, director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries, shares ten fabulous and fashionable projects you can try yourself.

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C_Bag-1Make an interactive messenger bag that reacts to your RFID-tagged objects with full-color LED animations. It will remind you that your keys or wallet are missing, play custom graphics, or just match your outfit! A great wearable electronics project from MAKE Volume 37.

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The Awesome LED Hat

animation, arduino, Electronics, General, hat, LED, leds, Programming, wearable electronics Commenti disabilitati su The Awesome LED Hat 

Picture used with permission form @sbbrainI have to admit, I love LED, who doesn't. But when i came across this awesome Instructable from user Sbbrain I started to go nuts.

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