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Are you using the Arduino Community Logo? Share it with us!

Announcements, arduino, community, giveaway, logo, opensource, trademark Commenti disabilitati su Are you using the Arduino Community Logo? Share it with us! 

Arduino Community Logo

Last year, during World Maker Faire, Massimo Banzi announced the release of the Arduino Community Logo.

It was our effort to support projects, initiatives and activities, blooming within the Arduino community, to express their passionate engagement with us. We designed the logo to allow the personalization of its lower-right part in order to provide a free space to add the name of groups and local communities self-organizing activities and/or online content focused on Arduino.

Now it’s time to give some visibly to those who accepted our invitation and started to use the customised Community Logo in their channels of communication.

Are you using the Arduino Community Logo following the suggestions of this page ?

- If yes, share the link to the page containing the customised logo (blog, Facebook group or page, GooglePlus community or page, etc.) in the comments by the 1st of February (h.23.59 GMT).

- If no, probably your are still using (improperly) the Arduino trademark. But it’s not too late! Read how and why use the Arduino Community Logo. Customise it, upload it and share with us the link in the comments by the 1st of February (h.23.59 GMT).

By the 7th of February  we’ll chose 5 of you from the comments  and reward them with an Arduino Starter Kit !

Ready to share? Go!

Arduino Open-Source Community


Hack-a-Day Logo Laser Light Show

arduino hacks, laser, laser hacks, logo, Processing, scanning, servo, software hacks Commenti disabilitati su Hack-a-Day Logo Laser Light Show 


The Hack-a-Day logo challenge keeps on bearing fruit. This tip comes from [Enrico Lamperti] from Argentina who posted his follies as well as success creating a Hack-a-Day logo using a home built scanning laser projector.

The build consists of a couple small servos, a hacked up pen laser and an Arduino with some stored coordinates to draw out the image. As usual the first challenge is powering your external peripheral devices like servos. [Enrico] tackled this problem using 6 Ni-MH batteries and an LM2956 simple switcher power converter. The servos and Arduino get power directly from the battery pack and the Arduino controls the PWM signals to the servos as they trace out the stored coordinate data. The laser is connected to the servo assembly and is engaged and powered by an Arduino pin via an NPN transistor. He also incorporated a potentiometer to adjust the servo calibration point.

His first imported coordinate data generated from some Python script was not very successful. But later he used processing with an SVG file to process a click-made path the Arduino could use as map data to draw the Hack-a-Day logo. It requires a long exposure time to photograph the completed drawing in a dark room but the results are impressive.

It’s an excellent project where [Enrico] shares what he learned about using Servo.writeMicroseconds() instead of Servo.write() for performance along with several other tweaks. He also shared the BOM, Fritzing diagram, Processing Creator and Simulator tools and serial commands on GitHub. He wraps up with some options that he thinks would improve his device, and he requests any help others may want to provide for better performance. And if you want you could step it up a notch and create a laser video projector with an ATMega16 AVR microcontroller and some clever spinning tilted mirrors.

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