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An interactive Twitter clock with a vintage twist

arduino, arduino uno, ethernet, Ethernet shield, servos, shield, twitter, Vintage Cuckoo Clock Commenti disabilitati su An interactive Twitter clock with a vintage twist 


Johannes Hoffmann is an interaction and graphic designer sharing with us his ┬áhand-made Tweety Clock. It’s a vintage but interactive Twitter clock , built with Arduino and Ethernet Shield, and featured with the original ‘cuckooo’ sound and a little printer for the output.

Arduino is checking if there are new tweets from a specific Twitter-Account. If so, the “bird servo” starts to rotate and the bird-door opens. Then the two “sound servos” brings the Cuckoo Clock flutes to sing and the bird nod with his head. Simultaneously, the thermo printer prints all new tweets.



Click and take a look at his website, with many other pics and list of components.

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