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Goldilocks Climate Box Keeps Lager Fermentation Environment Just Right

arduino hacks, beer, beer hacks, brewing, fermentation, lager, maltbolche, mondo spider, peltier Commenti disabilitati su Goldilocks Climate Box Keeps Lager Fermentation Environment Just Right 

Climate box for lager brewingSeptember was warmish in many places around the world including [Ole]‘s native Denmark. But that did not stop him from brewing lager flavored with plums from his own garden, and neither did his indifference to lagers in general.

Lager fermentation requires a consistent, low temperature. While many homebrewers might modify an electric refrigerator, [Ole] wasn’t interested in the cost of running a second one just for brewing beer. Instead, he built a climate box to work with the cool temperature in his garage. Starting with scrap wood from other projects, he lined the walls with polystyrene and put a layer of wood on the floor to help support the fermentation bucket.

Maintaining a consistent temperature in the box called for both heating and cooling. He pulled the Peltier from a 12V cooler meant to run off a car’s cigarette lighter, and used a spare ceramic heater that was lying around in case his primary reptile warmer went on the fritz.

An Arduino and a custom shield drive separate PID controllers for the Peltier and the heater. The shield has a temperature probe, and he extended the USB outside the climate box so the PIDs can be adjusted without disturbing the inside temperature. The schematic, board file, and code are all available in a zip you can get from his post.

The Peltier couldn’t quite compensate for the overly warm weather and the heat caused by the fermentation, but it was stable enough to produce a nice, plum-flavored lager he has dubbed Lektor Blom­mes malt­bol­che, which is a triple Danish pun he explains in the write-up.

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Arduino Controlled Cooling/Heating System for Beer Fermentation

arduino, ArduinoD14, beer, fermentation, Food & Beverage, homebrewing, tec, temperature-control Commenti disabilitati su Arduino Controlled Cooling/Heating System for Beer Fermentation 

FermentingTemperature control during fermentation is a key factor for the perfect homebrew—and is something that is mandatory if you would like to brew like a pro—and that's a perfect fit for the Arduino.

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Homebrewing and Arduino: the perfect recipe

arduino, ArduinoD14, beer, brewing, fermentation, Food & Beverage, homebrewing Commenti disabilitati su Homebrewing and Arduino: the perfect recipe 

Open Ardbir display menuOne of the common past times in the home-brewing community is the self-building and DIY of the equipment need for beer production in all steps. All that needs is some added Arduino.

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