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If you grew up in the ’90s and would love to play some of your favorite hit songs through something a bit more nostalgic than your smartphone, perhaps you can do what “digital alchemist” Fuzzy Wobble has done and transform an old-school payphone into a fully-functional boombox.

Fuzzy Wobble was able to get his hands on an inexpensive payphone and hacked it using an Arduino Mega, an Adafruit MP3 Maker Shield, a 20W amplifier, a 20W speaker, and some other components. The unique boombox is also equipped with a rangefinder that detects whenever someone walks by, triggering the phone to ring and enticing someone to answer the call.

The phone is programmed with a recorded menu along with instructions on how to select one of several pre-loaded songs. Hitting the star key sends the device into broadcast mode.

What’s neat is that there’s a tiny booklet filled with images of ’90s tunes, from Coolio to Sugar Ray to Semisonic, each with a four-digit number on the back. Simply punch in the code and the payphone begins to play music.

Pretty awesome, right? You can build one yourself by following Fuzzy Wobble’s step-by-step Instructable here, and check out his demo video below.

All photos taken by space150.Use an Apple Watch to automagically open doors at home or at work with a tap on your wrist.

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motorcycle camera mountIf you’ve ever watched MotoGP (motorcycle) racing, you might have wondered how the camera appears to stay level even while the bike turns left and right, nearly becoming horizontal. Saftari was curious about this himself and, rather than simply answering the question, he built a gyroscopic camera rig that allows the camera […]

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IKEA Hack Music Visualizer Table

arduino, Furniture, Hacks, ikea, music, visualizer Commenti disabilitati su IKEA Hack Music Visualizer Table 

FZFLTD5I3WWOFR7.MEDIUMAn ordinary IKEA table becomes the center of attention when it's turned into a music visualizer!

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circular-knitic-1Artist duo Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet designed and built an open hardware automated knitting machine called Circular Knitic.

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IMG_9924I decided to make programmable version of The Clapper using an Arduino microcontroller.

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Control your Halloween Props with Arduino

arduino, arduino uno, Featured, Hacks, halloween Commenti disabilitati su Control your Halloween Props with Arduino 


Jason from Make Magazine published a video tutorial on how to create an amazing choreography hacking your Halloween props using Arduino Uno:



DIY Automatic Fish Feeder Using Arduino Nano

aquarium, arduino, fish, Food & Beverage, General, Hacks Commenti disabilitati su DIY Automatic Fish Feeder Using Arduino Nano 

Yep, that’s a drill bit and it helps to deliver the right amount of food to your fish.The all in one automatic aquarium feeder uses an Arduino Nano and drill bit feed fish at certain time intervals. It doesn’t clean the tank or trim the plants but is immensely effective for feeding fish.

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IMG_8344I worked out a system that lets you control all your animated Halloween props with a single microcontroller.

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smrt_sniffCombine the Arduino Yún with a simple solderless breadboard circuit to create a homemade 'universal' remote control that you can navigate with your laptop or smartphone.

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