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ecg-card-ledeYou can get a lot of quick info from a business card — name, job title, contact info — and now you can also see your heart beat.

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123D Circuits: Autodesk’s free design tool

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Arduino fanatics rejoice: Autodesk and have jointly released a new electronics design tool with some unique features: 123D Circuits. Anyone familiar with Autodesk knows they have a bit of a habit of taking over the world, but you can relax knowing this is a (pretty much) free product that’s filed under their Free 3D tools—though we’re not quite sure what is “3D” about a circuits layout program.

123D is web-based software, and using it requires account creation on the website. Anything you design sits on the cloud: you can collaborate with others and even embed your circuit (with functioning simulation) straight into a webpage. Unfortunately, your work is public and therefore accessible by anyone unless you fork over $12 or $25 monthly: the former only gives you 5 private circuits. Dollar signs pop up again when you hit “finish circuit;” they offer to sell you PCBs in multiples of three.

Some features of the free account, however, may tempt the Arduino veteran away from a go-to program like Fritzing. Plopping in a virtual Arduino lets you edit its code on the fly in another window, which you can then simulate. If you’re new to circuit design or want some guidance for using 123D Circuits, they have provided an extensive list of applicable Instructables. Check out their promotional video below.

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Glockentar: Epic Instrument Mashup

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8210567925What happens when you want to play two instruments at the same time, but only have two hands? You let electronics do the work for you, of course.

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Freeform Arduino Bliss

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arduino-freeformDesigner Kimio Kosaka soldered together an entire Arduino using the difficult freeform method.

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Make the Scariest Pumpkin Ever

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img_5104This classic project from MAKE alum Mark de Vinck is a great last minute project that will scare the candy out of any unsuspecting trick-or-treater. It's a relatively simple build that can probably be pieced together with items you have laying in your junk pile or picked with a quick trip to RadioShack and the auto parts store.

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