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Sensing Hot and Cold with Weekend Projects

arduino, Beginner, breadboard, GreatCreate, LED, leds, MAKE Projects, PING, PING sensor, RadioShack, Weekend Projects Commenti disabilitati su Sensing Hot and Cold with Weekend Projects 

MCjiWaqjfHqqWF4XCombine an Arduino, an ultransonic distance sensor, and some common components to build a classic "hot/cold" project. Once assembled, we'll walk through the software "sketch" loaded onto our Arduino, and experiment with three variations of the "hot/cold" theme, all the while using the same circuit.

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BizzyBee Breadboard with built in Arduino

arduino, BizzyBee, breadboard Commenti disabilitati su BizzyBee Breadboard with built in Arduino 

The BZB Breadboard eliminates the middle man, no reason for a separate card, the Arduino compatible micro-controller is built right in, in one piece, that makes it End User Friendly and New User Easy. It is the right tool for Arduino Power Users, Educators and New Experimenters alike.

BizzyBee Breadboard with built in Arduino - [Link]

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