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Brendan Dawes: Sharing Your Work

3DPrinting, arduino, Art, Art & Design, Brendan Dawes, Design, Maker Pro, Makers Commenti disabilitati su Brendan Dawes: Sharing Your Work 

brendandawes_makerbot_etalThis week, I interviewed the designer and maker Brendan Dawes for my podcast, Looking Sideways. Brendan's known for early interactive web projects like Psycho Studio, that allows users to remix Hitchcock's famous shower scene themselves. He's also known for his physical projects, such as the Moviepeg and Popa iPhone accessories, and devices that cross the digital/physical divide, such as the Happiness Machine, an internet-connected printer that prints random happy thoughts from people across the web. We talked about designing physical objects that embody hidden digital information.

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Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino: Making the Good Night Lamp

arduino, Design, Featured, Furniture, home decor, lighting, Maker Pro, manufacturing Commenti disabilitati su Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino: Making the Good Night Lamp 

Good Night Lamp version 1.0. All photos courtesy Good Night Lamp.Last March, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino registered a new limited company in London, and booked a booth at CES, the consumer electronics trade show, taking place 10 months later. She had no team, and only a dated prototype product that she had designed back in 2005. “I thought what’s the biggest kick [...]

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Wearable soundscape from Canada

arduino, Design, Fashion, Interaction Design, Lilypad, sensors, Wearable Computing Commenti disabilitati su Wearable soundscape from Canada 

BioCircuit by Dana Ramler


I’m reblogging from Core77 this interesting wearable project because I’d like to highlight the using of Arduino Lilypad board:

Bio Circuit stems from our concern for ethical design and the creation of media-based interactions that reveal human interdependence with the environment. With each beat of the heart, Bio Circuit connects the wearer with the inner workings of their body.

It was created at Emily Carr University by Industrial Design student Dana Ramler, and MAA student Holly Schmidt and provides a form of bio feedback using data from the wearer’s heart rate to determine what “sounds” they hear through the speaker embedded in the collar of the garment. Here’s the schematic of technology:

BioCircuit - Technology



Have a look at the video below to see how it works and don’t miss BioCircuit Project page on Dana’s Portfolio:




BouncyIrises, a Physical/Digital Interaction Game

arduino, Design, itp, Laser Cutting, physical computing Commenti disabilitati su BouncyIrises, a Physical/Digital Interaction Game 

doozBot_1First year ITP student Xuedi ("Zoodie") Chen presented this awesome physical/virtual game installation as part of ITP's Winter Show.

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Tropism Well: A Tall Drink of Water

arduino, benevolent, british, Design, england, fountain, Made On Earth, MAKE Magazine, uk, water, water fountain Commenti disabilitati su Tropism Well: A Tall Drink of Water 

Instead of cricking your neck to drink from a water fountain, what if the fountain cricked its neck for you? Tropism Well is an interactive sculpture that senses when someone is near and bows to pour water into a glass.

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