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Open source PID controller (DIY Arduino shield)

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Tom posted his Arduino PID controller shield in the dangerous prototypes project log forum:

Program a temperature profile to mash beer or reflow solder. Here’s how.

This full featured open source PID controller uses a DIY stripboard shield for Arduino Uno and compatible boards. Firmware based on osPID massively revamped and extended, blood was sweated over new auto tune routines. Standalone or remote operation over UART using Java GUI. All documented on Github with BOM, schematics, code, pictures etc. Parts cost about $15, external SSR module and Arduino required.

I spun this project as a kit for Tayda, with the idea that all the components could be cheaply ordered in one place.

Open source PID controller (DIY Arduino shield) - [Link]


PID Control + Arduino

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Here we have this submission from [IgorAraujo] about how to use an Arduino as PID.

A proportional integral derivative controller (PID controller) is a common method of controlling robots. PID theory will help you design a better control equation for your robot.

On his [website] there are more pictures, videos and a detailed description, but all in Portuguese.

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