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Use JJ Robots' kit and your Android phone to build an air hockey partner who's always game.

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featuredYou’ve amassed a small fortune in diamonds, wood, coal, iron, food, and the other resources you need. You’ve spent hours building the perfect Minecraft fortress to stockpile your goods. But who will watch your stash while you’re on another server? In this project guide, you’ll learn to use Arduino coding […]

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Knock Knock Calculator

arduino, education, Featured, Kids & Family, Toys and Games Commenti disabilitati su Knock Knock Calculator 

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 10.51.45 AMKnock Knock is a clever Arduino-controlled calculator toy, designed for small children. The user knocks out a calculation on the surface — addition, multiplication, subtraction, or division — and Knock Knock will spit back the solution, in the form of knocks, of course. It's a fun idea for a toy, but good luck trying to use this in secret during a "no calculators" test at school!

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Travel Train Set in a Suitcase

arduino, Recreation & Entertainment, suitcase, technology, Toys and Games, train set Commenti disabilitati su Travel Train Set in a Suitcase 

Train-Suitcase-1Mario Marchese of The Suitcase Machine created this ingenious working model train set in a suitcase, so he can bring the miniature fun wherever he goes!

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Cornell Students Create Virtual Archery Game

Accelerometer, archery, arduino, arrow, bow, bow and arrow, cornell, game, Toys and Games, Weapons Commenti disabilitati su Cornell Students Create Virtual Archery Game 

Inspired by the bow-and-arrow use in Legend of Zelda games, Cornell students Mohamed Abdellatif and Michael Ross created a Virtual Archery game as their Cornell University ECE 4760 Final Project.

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