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e-traces-shoes-2See the big picture when it comes to dance moves with an ingenious piece of wearable electronics by designer Lesia Trubat González called E-Traces.

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LilyPad MP3 Released

arduino, Lilypad Arduino, mp3, Sewing Commenti disabilitati su LilyPad MP3 Released 

11013-01The new Lilypad MP3 board is out and it looks pretty sweet! Lilypads are washable Arduinos designed for wearable electronics. You can sew them onto your clothing and wire them up with conductive thread. The new MP3 board is basically an Arduino — it’s got the standard ATmega 328p with […]

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Sharing Senses with onemile

arduino, Lilypad Arduino, sensors, The Monday Jolt Commenti disabilitati su Sharing Senses with onemile 

How cool would it be to see through someone else’s eyes, or to sense how fast they’re breathing or how loud their location might be? We can’t really do that yet, but that doesn’t stop people from experimenting with technology to at least get a taste of that goal. onemile [...]

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Lilypad Arduino Passion Sensing Scarf

arduino, Lilypad, Lilypad Arduino, Project Files, RGB LED, Sensor, Soft Circuit Commenti disabilitati su Lilypad Arduino Passion Sensing Scarf 

My latest Instructable:  Lilypad Arduino Passion Sensing Scarf. This was my first time working with an Arduino Lilypad. I have been wanting to try something that dealt with soft circuits for awhile now. This project is what I came up with. The concept is based off my friend Ethan Dicks from’s emergent Sheep Sculpture project.

The Lilypad Interactive Passion Sensing Scarf works like so:

Scarf number one being worn by someone walking alone will light up with the color Blue for Lonely. When the wearer of scarf number two joins up with number one, the two scarves will sense each other and then light up Red for Love.

Future plans for capacitance touch: which will allow the colors to Pulsate for Passion if one wearer touches the other wearers scarf. View My Instructable


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