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“Under the Dome – PMgami” is an installation created by designer Jiayu  Lui using Arduino Nano. Inspired by paper origami techniques, the digitally fabricated flowers move and change color according to the quality of air measured locally. The main aim of the installation is to obtain a more intuitive way to communicate pollution data and  the relationship between technology and nature.

In the gallery you can explore some other pictures and the schematic. Check the video below to see the installation in action!

pmgamischeme pmgami03 pmgami02 pmgami04



Giant Dynamic Interactive Origami in Action

arduino, Art & Design, Electronics, Maker Faire, origami, paper, Paper Crafts, papercraft Commenti disabilitati su Giant Dynamic Interactive Origami in Action 

giant-origami-maker-faireQueens University student Jonas Lobo is pushing the paper folding envelope with his giant dynamic interactive origami sculpture, currently on display in in Area A, indoors at the main hall at NYSCI.

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