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I'm lowering the top BTW

The engineering in the boat the cooling fan circulates air blowing it out between the motors. This wee fan moves lots of air on 7.4 Volts

Arduino Inputs from RX

Ch3   Throttle                       Arduino pin 4
Ch1   Steering                       Arduino pin 5
Ch5   Throttle limit                Arduino pin 6
Ch2   Steering on Throttle       Arduino pin 7

Arduino analogue inputs

Anin 0  Ambient temp sensor                      Anin 1  Hall effect current sensor

Arduino outputs

Pin 8    Left jet
Pin 9    Right jet
Pin 10  Cooling fan speed
Pin 11  Steering

Mixing of the outputs

  int SterringOnThrottle = (long)map((int)ch4v, 1500, 1100, 0, 1000); 
  if(SterringOnThrottle < 0) SterringOnThrottle = 0;
  SteeringBias = (long)map((int)ch3v - (int)ch3vWOZ, 0, 1000, 0, SterringOnThrottle); 
  int SteeringAngle = (long)map((int)ch3v, 1100, 1900, 1000, 2000);
  //Limit fan speed for 11.1 V
  FanSpeed = map(FanSpeed, 1100, 1900, 1000, 1500);
  //Update the outputs
  Servo1.writeMicroseconds((int)Throttle - (int)SteeringBias);
  Servo2.writeMicroseconds((int)Throttle + (int)SteeringBias);

The cooling system

The fan is a 27 mm EDF should keep the air moving with a 10A ESC

There is a big heatsink and fan on the 30 AMp ESC's

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