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Smile! This plant wants to take a selfie with you

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Selfie Plant is an interactive installation taking pictures of itself using Arduino Yún, Facebook Graph APIs and then uploads them to Facebook. It was developed by a group of students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design during “The secret life of objects” course held also by team. The final prototype was placed in the exhibition of the school, to see the interaction of the audience with it and you can see the result on Facebook.


The Selfie Plant is an attempt to provoke some thoughts above genre of expression. The Selfie Plant expresses itself in the form of nice-looking selfies, which it clicks according to its mood, weather or occasion. It mimics human behaviour, by giving it’s best pose and adjusting the camera angle to take the perfect selfie.


In the documentation on Github you can find all the details of the project composed by an Arduino Yún, controlling 2 servo motors and adjusting the positions of the plant and the camera stick; a python script ( which communicates with Facebook’s graph API to post the captured photos on plant’s Facebook profile. In addition you’ll need also a LED Matrix, a Bread Board and 5 Volt Battery.

Here’s a preview of the diagram:




New Project: Facebook Flagger—Notifications over Bluetooth LE using the Light Blue Bean

arduino, Bluetooth LE, Electronics, facebook, Light Blue Bean, project Commenti disabilitati su New Project: Facebook Flagger—Notifications over Bluetooth LE using the Light Blue Bean 

FBNotify-50-smallerBuilding hardware is exciting because you get to interact with the "real world". In this project you will use the LightBlue Bean to receive notifications from Facebook and Twitter

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Today we celebrate 100.000 fans on Facebook: thanks to all of you!

Announcements, community, facebook, fans, social media Commenti disabilitati su Today we celebrate 100.000 fans on Facebook: thanks to all of you! 


Since last February our Arduino page on Facebook has been growing fast and today  we’re celebrating 100.000 fans: if you have an account on it, we invite you to join us and our passionate community on Facebook!

United States, India and Italy are the countries giving more “likes” to the page, but we receive videos, pictures and inquires from all over the world.

100k fans

From now on we’ll be regularly posting on this blog  updates and cool projects  shared by people on our social channels.

Just to give you an idea of what comes up, here’s three  great videos posted by our fans on the Arduino page:

  • Super Jeep Final


  •  Les petits pilous


  • Trashcan with PET detector


Track Facebook Likes with Arduino

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facebooklikeboxUsing an Arduino Uno equipped with an Ethernet Shield and an LCD Keypad shield, MAKE reader Kedume demonstrates how to create a simple text display for the number of likes on any Facebook page. I think that this is a great project for an Arduino beginner because all you need [...]

Read the full article on MAKE


Social Drink Machine (powered with Arduino)

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This time Arduino for drinks, always from Romania.

Do you know what you get if you combine Facebook, Twitter, Arduino, Raspberry PI and alcohol ? Well, you get the Social Drink Machine and a lot of really happy people at HowToWeb Bucharest.
The Social Drink Machine involves a fully enabled robotic bar which prepares your dream cocktail, a Facebook application which you use to order the drink and also a Twitter bot as an alternative ordering method.

In order to “drink with Facebook”, all you have to do is to scan the QR code displayed next to the machine with your mobile phone. It will get you to a Facebook application which enables you to choose the drink you want. Once you have decided what you want to drink, the application displays a large QR code on your mobile phone. You show this to the machine camera, and you will get your drink prepared. Actually, a robotic machine will prepare it for you. All you have to do is to place the glass, which is then moved back and forth until all of the ingredients have been mixed. And if you wanna brag about this, the application allows you to post on Facebook about the crush you just got on the cool robotic bartender.

[Robofun - Create] also made this.

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