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There are a wide variety of ways to create electronic music. For a capable machine that fits in the palm of your hand and is loud enough to use outdoors, however, it’s hard to imagine a battery-powered device cooler than Bitty from Curious Sound Objects. 

The pocket-sized drum machine and synthesizer, currently on Kickstarter, was prototyped using an Arduino Nano and will be fully Arduino-compatible when released. This means that in addition to changing the sound and interface around with readily-available sound packs—which include Theremin Bitty, Techno Bitty, Basement Bitty, Trap Bitty, Lofi Bitty, and Beach Bitty—it can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. The device can even run sound software written for other Arduino boards.

Bitty features four sample trigger buttons, a pair of knobs, and a speaker. Designed for entry-level EDM enthusiasts and studio musicians alike, you can play the drums and melodies manually, as well as trigger patterns to produce dance music or hip hop beats. These can be chosen via the left knob, while the right knob handles pitch, note selection, and arpeggiation.

Check it out in action below!


Arduino-Controlled Robot Makes Drumbeats With Forks

arduino, drum machine, electronic music, Midi, music Commenti disabilitati su Arduino-Controlled Robot Makes Drumbeats With Forks 

forkbotVito Caiata got his Arduino to talk to his computer sound card via MIDI, then connected a pull-type solenoid to bang on an improvised drum.

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Lego Drum Machine Runs on Automatic

alex allmont, arduino, drum machine, Electronics, LEGO, Lego Mindstorms, music Commenti disabilitati su Lego Drum Machine Runs on Automatic 

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 2.57.27 PMBritish artist Alex Allmont built this elegant one-motor Lego drum machine with a Arduino, a proto shield on top wired with a Lego Power Functions power connector, a Digital Delay pedal, and a Drumcomputer MFB-522.

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Arduino-Based Drum Machine

arduino, circuit bending, drum machine, Electronics, music Commenti disabilitati su Arduino-Based Drum Machine 

BLEEP-DRUM-front-800Circuit bender Dr. Bleep built this sweet Arduino-compatible drum machine, the Bleep Drum, with four sounds, four selectable sequences, tap tempo, record and playback, and more. Of course it’s open source and eminently hackable. Filed under: Arduino, Electronics, Music

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MR-808 Brings Vintage Drum Machine to Life

arduino, drum machine, max/msp, music, solenoid, tr-808 Commenti disabilitati su MR-808 Brings Vintage Drum Machine to Life 

mr-808Moritz Simon Geist has made a physical version of the famed TR-808 drum machine.

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