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Even if you don’t have access to fancy tools like a 3D printer or CNC router, that doesn’t mean you can’t make something interesting. James, using only a “hot glue gun, some scissors, and a screwdriver,” was able to construct a rudimentary drawing robot that marks paper with a sharpie.

2 CD drives were creatively modified to form X, Y, and Z axes, letting him lower his writing instrument and draw. An Arduino Uno along with an Adafruit Motor Shield forms the controls for the device, and the structure is built out of LEGO bricks. 

As of now it’s described as more of an “Etch A Sketch type thing,” but it looks like a great starting point for more advanced drawbots in the future! Code for the build is available on GitHub.

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Random Pattern Egg Drawbot

arduino, drawbot, eggbot Commenti disabilitati su Random Pattern Egg Drawbot 

egg-drawbotA random pattern egg drawbot built with multiple Arduinos, a couple of servos, stepper motors, limit switches, and Sharpie markers! See it in action.

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Arduino-Controlled Drawing Robot

arduino, Art, drawbot Commenti disabilitati su Arduino-Controlled Drawing Robot 

P1090848acorv built this sweet drawing arm* with an Arduino Uno and motor shield, two steppers and a servo, Meknex building set parts, and a Nintendo DS touch screen to guide it. Also see the previous version* previous version to see how the project evolved. [via Arduino] *Google translated from Spanish. [...]

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