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Explore This Elegant Wooden Arduino Puzzle Box

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Minigame_1If you’re like me, you find yourself fighting the urge to push every button, flip every switch, and turn every knob you see. This arcade-style puzzle box was designed to satiate those deep-seated desires. Powered by an Arduino, with completely custom wooden enclosure and components, this is a wood shop geek’s first […]

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Get up, Stand up. With a Little Help from the Mindfulness Bracelet

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[Becky Stern] has created the mindfulness bracelet, a wearable which looks great and serves an important purpose. The bracelet buzzes every hour to remind you to stand up and take a break from work, soldering, gaming, or whatever it is you may be doing. The bracelet is made up of interlinked figure 8 shapes of leather, though [Becky] says rubber from a bicycle inner tube works great as well. The final shape reminds us of the link belts sometimes found on lathes or other industrial equipment. The links are the perfect size to slip an Arduino Gemma in, along with a battery and vibrating motor. A NPN transistor, diode, and resistor round out the entire bill of materials for this design. This bracelet is a heck of a lot cheaper than the Apple watch feature which inspired it!

The time interval is set in the code to 1 hour, and can be adjusted by the user. Although the times are stored in milliseconds, the design does use the ATtiny85’s Watchdog Timer (WDT) to conserve power. This means the time can drift up to 30 seconds per hour, which is fine in this application.

Click past the break to see the bracelet in action!

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The Arduino Zero is Now Shipping in the US

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The new Arduino Zero.Announced over a year ago now during Maker Faire, the Arduino Zero is now finally available for purchase in the United States.

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The RasPiO Duino

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After a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter earlier this year the low-cost RasPiO Duino board is now in production and available to purchase. The RasPiO Duino is a small development board with similar functionality to an Arduino Uno. Once it is plugged onto a Raspberry Pi the system forms a complete low-cost Arduino development environment allowing programs to be developed and loaded to the RasPiO Duino. The board can then be unplugged to function independently.

It can also be used to operate interactively with the RPi. The RPi’s GPIO ports are broken out on the board as well. A 72-point prototyping area is provided with GND, 3V3 and 5V rails to facilitate the addition of custom circuitry.

The RasPiO Duino – [Link]


Arduino Zero now available for purchase!

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Arduino Zero

One year ago Arduino and Atmel unveiled the new Arduino Zero. Today, after some months of beta-testing, we are happy to have the board finally available for purchase on the US Store.

Arduino Zero is a simple and powerful 32-bit extension of the well-known Arduino UNO. It allows creative individuals to realize truly innovative ideas especially in areas like smart IoT devices, wearable technology, high-tech automation, and robotics. Arduino Zero acts also as a great educational tool for learning 32-bit application development.

Powered by Atmel SAMD21 MCU, Arduino Zero features a 32-bit ARM Cortex® M0+ core. One of its “most wanted” features is the Atmel Embedded Debugger (EDBG), which provides a full debug interface without the need for additional hardware.

Arduino Zero’s silk has an additional graphic element: the Genuino logo. Genuino is the Arduino sister brand from the Arduino founders (M. Banzi, D. Cuartielles, T. Igoe, D. Mellis), team and community. We added the Genuino logo to the Arduino Zero to stress its authenticity, and to make it easier for the Arduino community to spot original boards. We are going to include this logo to all genuine Arduino boards from now on.


To start using the board you need to download the latest version of the IDE (1.6.5), which comes with a set of great improvements:

  • a new modern editor (thanks @ricardojlrufino)
  • serial monitor stays open while you upload a new sketch (thanks @avishorp and @Wackerbarth)
  • File > Open Recent menu shows the last 5 opened sketches
  • Tons of fixes and improvements: the list is available here. They are 470 issues closed since previous version, 1.6.4: massive!

Learn more about the Arduino Zero and get started with it at the following links:

Updated Arduino Zero product page

Getting Started Page

Github repository

Interact in the Arduino Forum

And if you are one of the lucky ones and have Arduino Zero in your hands, start practicing its features with the following tutorials:

- Arduino Zero Low Power Overview

It shows the low power characteristics of the Arduino Zero thanks to a low power microcontroller using the 32 bit ARM Cortex M0+ architecture.

Simple Audio Feature

It shows how to experiment with sound starting to play a wave file stored on the SD card.





Memories from Arduino Day! Download the poster

arduino day, community, Featured Commenti disabilitati su Memories from Arduino Day! Download the poster

Arduino Day

After Arduino Day we received a lot of pictures from 266 events in 71 countries all over the world and they were really cool That’s why we created a poster and would like to share it with you:

Download the poster of Arduino Day 2015 at this link, print it out and spot yourself in it!




Simple Distance Measuring Device

arduino, distance, HC-SR04, Sensor, ultrasonic Commenti disabilitati su Simple Distance Measuring Device


by Samuel_Alexander @

In this project we are going to learn how to use the HC-SR04 PING))) ultrasonic sensor to measure distance. This sensor is also often used on robots to detect obstacles.

Simple Distance Measuring Device – [Link]


Certifying open-source hardware? OSHWA seeking feedback

certification, Featured, open hardware, open source Commenti disabilitati su Certifying open-source hardware? OSHWA seeking feedback


The Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) is seeking feedback on a proposal for the certification of open-source hardware. The certification would provide a more formal means of verifying the compliance of a particular project or organization with the practices of open-source hardware, as understood by the community. There are, however, many different ways in which such a certification process could work, e.g. whether it should include a single standard for open-source hardware or recognize multiple levels of openness; whether people should be able to self-certify or if OSHWA would need to pre-approve certifications; etc. OSHWA is seeking feedback from the broader open-source hardware community in order to help refine the certification proposal.

You can see the full proposal here and provide feedback on the OSHWA forums.


World’s First Internet Connected Lawnmower

arduino hacks, ESP8266, internet lawn mower, IOT lawnmower, PIC18F25K22, tool hacks Commenti disabilitati su World’s First Internet Connected Lawnmower

Okay so this IOT is getting a bit out of hand. Introducing the world’s first(?) tweeting, internet connected, lawnmower.

[Michel] recently bought one of those new-fangled cordless lawn mowers by EGO. It runs off a 56V lithium ion battery pack, and apparently, works pretty well. Since it has plenty of on-board power, he decided to strap a 64MHz PIC18F25K22 to a ESP8266 and connect it to the internet. That part number has been taking the world by storm and it’s totally freaking awesome. The ESP8266 is a tiny WiFi module that is controllable over a serial port — and it only costs $5. Hello IOT-everything.

Anyway, to avoid voiding his warranty, [Michel] using non-invasive sensors to collect data — A series of hall effect sensors and magnets to be exact. One detects when the cutting system is engaged, and another magnet and sensor pair counts wheel revolutions. In the end, this gives you data on how far you pushed the mower, how long you spent cutting, and how long you were out there. When the job is done, you have the option to push a tweet with your stats. Woo!

He does admit, the tweeting feature is more there just to annoy his friends.

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Arduino Zero available for purchase in US on June 15th

Announcements, arduino, arduino store, Arduino Zero, Featured, Zero Commenti disabilitati su Arduino Zero available for purchase in US on June 15th

Arduino Zero

We’ve been waiting for this moment for months and today we confirm that Arduino Zero will be available for purchase from the Arduino Store in US on Monday June 15th at  $49.90.

At the same time we are going to release Arduino IDE 1.6.5 with a bunch of new features and the support for the Arduino Zero. The new IDE keeps the serial monitor open while uploading, lists the last 5 opened sketches in the “Open Recent” menu, and many other features you’ll discover next week.

Our team stumbled upon a last minute software bug which moved the launch date by a bit  but everything is almost ready, they really worked hard to ensure the best experience of use.

We love this product as it shows our great collaboration with Atmel, and we know a lot of people in the Arduino community are looking forward to put their hands on it.

Stay tuned!

Arduino Zero - back

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